Annual Budget

The Annual Budget is meant to be broad and forward planning. We aren't able to forecast all the expenses that might happen for the year, but this allows us the opportunity to plan for what we can predict. The columns are left blank so that you can better personalize this to your families needs. 

Home Expenses:

Uses these lines to budget out your home expenses for the year. These could include: Mortgage, Utilities, Rent, Home Maintenance, Large Purchase Savings, etc. 

Monthly Spending:

Use this to budget out anything you plan to spend from month to month: School Fees, Memberships, Vacations, Kids Activities, Gifts, Holidays, Date Nights, Savings Goals, etc.

Basic Spending: 

Groceries, Gas, Auto Maintenance, Family Spending, Individual Budgets, Clothing, Hair, Eating Out, Stocking up, etc. 

Other Ideas to Budget For:

College Savings, Emergency Fund Savings, Investments, Retirement Savings, Car Payments, Credit Card Payments.

Use the other sheets from this booklet to help you find things to budget and plan for. Adjust budget amounts to balance what you expect your income to be month by month, with what you expect your expenses to be for these months.

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