Personal Financial Planning Advice
Personal Financial Planning Advice

Personal Financial Planning Advice

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I am looking for a few test families to help me fine tune my financial planning process before I offer it as a service to clients.

I worked for years helping clients save and manage their retirements. I personally helped each client put together and track their financial plan to make sure their savings and investments aligned with their goals and helped them to feel prepared for retirement. During this process I realized that there is so much that every family needs to know and there aren’t many advisors out there able to help every family, no matter how much they have saved or are willing to invest. I then dreamed of one day putting together the information that many wealthy investors receive from their financial advisors and bring it to families who also need this planning to help them save for their future, but are limited in their ability to pay the hefty prices that come from using a personal financial advisor.

This process through a financial planning company can run several thousands.


4 stage process that I walk through with you from workbook to workbook addressing the following topics:

Debt Payoff Planning
Retirement Planning

You will receive 4 different workbooks with personalized counseling and financial planning and in the end will receive a personalized financial plan that you can use to plan each year going forward.


Families who need help with their finances for long term planning. Questions like life insurance coverage, retirement savings, setting goals, creating a budget, savings, and paying off debt. Plus anything else you may need help with in reference to financial planning.

Families who are willing to go through the process with me and help me make sure I am giving the kind of advice and planning that is helpful to families. Help me to test the process of planning over emails and questions to make sure that I have considered topics that every family may have questions about in reference to financial planning.


I anticipate that each section of the planner will take you an hour or two with your spouse. You will then send me the information and I will then work with you on each section until we have created a personalized plan for you. I will answer any questions you have along the way and we will put together a 5+ year plan for you and your family to help you achieve your financial goals.

Space is limited. I am just looking for 5 families to start.

I am currently not registered for soliciting investments, and therefore will not be giving trading and investment advice. It will be strictly setting up a financial plan for you and your family to help you be able to plan for the future. I do not work with any insurance or investment firms. There are no products that I can or will suggest as part of this planning process.

Please ask me any questions you may have before purchasing this program.