February 2022 Amazon Finds

February 2022 Family Finance Planners Amazon Finds 


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  Used these for storage pajamas and hats in my closet. I loved these because I could keep my pajamas and hats stacked and easy to access when I lift the lid instead of having to fully remove the lid like a lot of storage containers have. They are also skinnier, so they fit perfectly on my shelves separating my upper hanging bars from my lower hanging bars. Quality was great too!

Hiply Kids Ice Packs for Boo Boos I got sick of my kids leaving bags of melted ice water all over my house, so I found these and they are a big hit! They don't get cold enough that they are uncomfortable for the kids to put directly on their skin, a huge plus in my book. 


Senneny Set of 5 Stainless Steel Straws This is my second set I have purchased. They are long enough for a 44 oz tumbler and they are a great solution for the sturdy side of the stainless steel straws but not hurting your teeth with the silicone caps at the end. The silicone end comes off and they are dishwasher safe!

Apace Living Coffee Scoop- 2 TbspAnd lastly, how adorable are these two 2 tablespoon scoops? We just got a new HE washer and I was having trouble measuring out the soap with the blue plastic scoop that came with my Tide. I did some research and it seems that for normal loads, 2 Tbsp of Tide powder is plenty, so I found these cute scoops and they have made laundry so much easier! For my standard top loader, I use 4 Tbsp, so my scoop twice. I go through so much less Tide too!

What do you think of this months finds?

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