My Favorite Books I Read Again and Again

My Favorite Books I Read Again and Again


The Proper Care & Feeding of Marriage Such simple and profound marriage advice that hits home. I love the reminder of why I love being married and what I can do to be a joy and a blessing to my husband and kids. A great re-read to remind me what is in my power to create a happy and comfortable home and how my support of my husband and unselfish love for my family will help me create the marriage and happiness that I want. The world's views of marriage and a women's place are what are creating unhappy marriages and unhappy women. It sounds contrary to what every media, celebrity and politician are preaching, but the ones with 50+ years of marriage are who we should be listening to. 


Rich Dad Poor Dad An oldie but a goodie. Controversial in some financial circles, but I still find it uplifting and insightful.


Outliers Just a really cool read with tons of insights. Super interesting. 

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