Repeat Purchase Planner

Toilet paper, makeup, diapers, wipes, toilet bowl cleaner... The list goes on and on. Use the repeat purchase planner to track how often you purchase some of the most common items in your household. Keeping track and estimating the cost of these purchases can relieve some strain off of your monthly groceries budget.

Once you have the page filled out, decide how best to save for these. I recommend saving monthly into a line item in your budget called something like "Repeat Purchases". I call mine "Amazon/Restock" since most of these items I buy through Amazon. You could also call it "Costco" or whatever will make sense when you see it in your budget. 

Add to the list through out the year, as you find things you buy repeatedly. Make sure to include these in your annual budget plan as well as in your monthly budgets. 


You can can find the Repeat Purchase Planner as part of the Level 2 Family Finance Planner:


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