Why Three Levels?

Have you ever taken piano? If not, I am sure you are familiar with the different levels that each piano student goes through to learn and become a more talented pianist. If you were to give a four-year-old and level 9 book, they might become overwhelmed and give up on trying to learn the piano altogether. In creating these planners we found that the same was true when learning how to handle family finances. If we threw too much at our customers, they became overwhelmed and quit. We created three levels to help simplify the process and slowly empower you.

Level 1 is intended for newbie financial planners who want to take control of their finances and start to pay down debt. The intention of level 1 is to start tracking your monthly spending and start to decide where you want to go from here.


Leve 2 helps you build off Level 1. Once you see a pattern in your spending, you can now take actions to manage this spending. After a year of tracking, you can hopefully plan for the next years expenses and make some small financial goals. You should also start to feel more confident in your financial knowledge and be able to make corrections and adjustments quarterly to help keep you on track. 


Level 3 is for when you feel like you have mastered Level 2 and want to start building your future. Level 3 helps you to plan and track your retirement savings, save for children's college and start dreaming of bigger and better things for your future. It helps you think through a home purchase, insurance plans, estate planning and more. 


Family Finance Planner - Level 3 - Wealth Accumulation
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By Victoria Smith
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If at any time you feel like you need to re-adjust and restart, you can start back down a level. It is easy for each of us to get off track at any point in our lives. If you feel confident you can get back on track on your current level, great, otherwise do not be ashamed to start over and regroup. Allowing yourself to make mistakes and start over keeps you fueled and committed to your future. The worst thing you can do is give up. Keep hope and keep trying!

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