Employee Benefit Workbook
Employee Benefit Workbook
Employee Benefit Workbook
Employee Benefit Workbook
Employee Benefit Workbook

Employee Benefit Workbook

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Employee Benefit Workbook Printout/ Budgeting/ Budget Planner/ 2019 Planner/ Expense Tracker/ Budget/ Finance Planners/ Paycheck by Paycheck

The Family Finance Planners are printable planners that allow families to set a detailed budget for each month. This printable is for a comprehensive workbook to help you review your work benefit options and pick the best plans for you and for your family. 

This printable will help you manage and track your last year medical spending, review your options for medical insurance provided by your employer, review your dental options, review your life insurance coverage and keep track of your policies, review your 401k plan and adjust your contributions to your 401k to match your personal retirement goals. 

For people who would like to track and review their annual benefit options provided by their employers. 


During employee election time at work, there are many options to review for your employee benefits that go into effect for the up coming year. If you find keeping track of the options you selected or selecting the right plans for you and your family stressful, this workbook was designed to help you walk through the process of picking out the right plan for you. There are also spaces for you to track the policy numbers and phone numbers for the plans you select. Placing these sheets in a binder with other financial information that you keep on hand will help you have a quick reference in case you need to use any of the insurance or dental plans during the year. While medical insurance tends to send a card to you will your plan information, other insurance plans that you select do not always send you any information about the plan in the mail. So having a quick reference can save time and frustration if you were to need the information at a later date. 

The workbook comes with information on how to calculate an estimate of what you could expect to pay out of pocket for your medical expenses for the year. As well as making sure you have the proper amount of life insurance and long term care insurance that your company may offer you at a much better rate than you can buy it on the open insurance market. 

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5 page digital print for 8 1/2' x 11" portrait print. Can be printed each month or the whole book at once.

Please let me know if you have any questions or have any feedback. Thank you for taking the time to review my product. Or if you are looking for anything specific or have a specific financial question, just ask and I can help! I appreciate your time.


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